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Marketing Traps You Want to Avoid

Marketing Traps You Want to Avoid

As a new business owner getting trapped in fads simple. Everyone on social media offers “the new way” to reach people and sell that information...

Love Yourself in the Process

Love Yourself in the Process

Learning to love yourself in the process is as important to entrepreneurship as filing your articles of incorporation. The process of pursuing your dream is...

DIY Your Brand and Keep Your Coins

DIY Your Brand and Keep Your Coins

Your big idea doesn't have to cost you big money. All you need is a little direction, automation, and creativity.

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Made for Mavens is a community built to provide entrepreneurs with information, advice and resources to inspire them to DIY their branding. We believe in unconventional entrepreneurship, supporting you as you grow, showing entrepreneurs how they can brand their own businesses without enormous expense + lots of coffee. 

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