• Canva
  • Business Logo
  • Creativity
  • Roughly $30 for printing


  1. On a computer, go to & login to your account (recommendation: use your facebook login so you don’t have to remember another password)
  2. Click create Custom Dimensions. Enter 1050 for width and 600 for height. (That works out to 3.5in. X 2in. Which is the size of most business cards) Click Design!
  3. On the left menu, click backgrounds. Select a background you like and drag it over to the main business card space on the right (Note: some of the images in canva do have an expense, if you would like to keep this free, use only the free options). If you have your own image(s) upload it/them now by dragging it/them into the left panel, or clicking upload and navigating to where it is located on your computer or cloud storage. If you don’t have your own images or see anything you like, visit for a wider selection. All the images on this website are free and require no attribution unless otherwise noted.
  4. Type brush in the search bar. Select the brush you like and adjust the color to match your brand colors. Add text on top of the brush stroke to share an important aspect of your business.
  5. Upload your logo using the method above, and place it on the canvas.
  6. Duplicate the canvas.
  7. Shrink the logo and move it to the right. Shrink the brush stroke and text and move it to the left.
  8. Add the necessary text to share your contact information.
  9. Type in the search bar to find any additional elements you would like to include, such as social media handles, and place them as you would like.

To print, you can visit your local printer, or you can go to to print 250 cards for approximately $30! Make sure you are using 16pt. Cardstock, and selecting the double-sided printing option to make room for both sides of your design.

Happy Branding!