Brand Image: Get Photos that Communicate the Message

Ok, you've got a great message that you are ready to share with the world! Now you need great images to go with it! It is possible to get great visuals without breaking the bank. Here are a few things to get you started!

 1. Hire a Photographer

Ideally, when you are just starting your business, you will want to get some photos taken of (1) yourself as the owner, (2) any staff members, and (3) of your products or people using your services. I know, I know, you think you can't afford this option, but you might be surprised. Reach out to a local photographer maybe even one who is just starting out to see if you can work out a deal that will also help them build their portfolio. You can even try to barter with a local photog for a service you are offering. You never know, you might be able to strike up a good bargain. Whatever you do, DO NOT TAKE PERFECTLY STAGED PHOTOS. Your photos should have personality and be unique to you. Spend some time talking things over with your photographer, hire a creative director if you can, and really add value to your brand with unique visual images. 


2. Purchase Stock Photos

If unique photos from a photographer are out of the question at this point, you can always make use of the plethora of available stock photos. One of the best and most cost effective places to get stock photos is at You will have to spend a few dollars, but you get access to millions of diverse images that will help you position your brand well in the marketplace. 

3. Free Stock Photos

 This third option is one that you will likely use in addition to options one and two. Even if you get your own photos created, you likely will not have enough to cover every single social media post you will need to post. Enter the free stock photo repository Using pixabay is the single best option for getting unique stock photos for absolutely free! You will not have as many options as the purchased stock photos from option two, but pixabay will certainly have you looking like a pro!

Whatever option you end up choosing, make sure the images you gather communicate the message you intend. Remain true to your message and make sure your customer can see themselves working with you or buying from you. Go forth and be great!