Branding Intro

Branding is the whole point! Essentially, it is the message you want potential customers + clients to know first about the business you are building. Branding combines specific words and images that allow your ideal client to identify with your product or service. The big thing is branding is not a trick. It is not a marketing gimmick or something you can fabricate. The best branding is authentic communication with your audience sharing how you plan to join them in their lives right where they are. Think less about “solving a problem,” and more about making a friend. Anybody can start a business, you need to start a vibe.

1. Review Introduction to Branding

2. 5 Steps to Building Your Brand

After reviewing the branding video above, if you haven’t already, download the 5 steps to building your brand workbook. With your ideal client in mind, answer the questions to begin crafting your brand message.

5 Steps to Building Your Brand Workbook (MM)

3. Setup Your Business Profile

Take everything and head over to your business profile. If you have already completed the wizard, start over with your new found perspective. 

Brand Profile

4. Questions

Here are a few questions for you to answer with all your new knowledge

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