Identifying Your Ideal Client

Think of the person you are building your brand for. That is your ideal client. Your ideal client is the person you intend to spend the bulk of your time, energy, and money to attract. They are the person you are building products and services for, and, the best thing you can do is get into that person’s business. Your job is to understand your ideal client’s life, and lifestyle. To get to know them and their habits, so you can understand how best to interact with them.  

Get to Know Your Ideal Client

During a visit to a summer camp held at Morgan State University, founder Shauna K, teaches a group of students how to identify the ideal client for an app they were building through the program. 

Make an Ideal Client Sketch

Now that you have gotten inspiration from this amazing group of young people, begin working through your own ideal client. Take the opportunity to be imaginative just like those students. Put in all the details, really imagine what it means to live a day in the life of the person you are building your product or service for.

Identify Your Ideal Client
Identify Your Ideal Client

Update Your Business Profile

Update your brand profile to include details about your ideal client.

Brand Profile

Brainstorm Ways to Interact with Your Ideal Client

With your new understanding of your ideal client, brainstorm some creative ways you can interact with that person to share the product or service you have created for them.

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