Marketing 101

Away with gimmicks, trends, and catch phrases! These days, customers just want to be talked to like normal human beings. Here are some things to consider when planning your marketing strategy

When you approach marketing, keep your customer at the forefront of your mind

Customers are people, with desires, dreams, and goals. If you can, convince yourself to speak to them with compassion and understanding about those things. Even as you develop products and services for that audience, do so with that customer in mind. Forget what you want or what you would do, get into the mindset of that customer you are talking to, and make it all about them.

Offer something valuable for free

Rule number one of starting a new business, always be willing to give something away for free. That something has to be valuable and desired, so no free socks with purchase unless you are selling shoes.

Remain in contact in a variety of ways

When you think about this audience of yours - the one your whole business life revolves around now - also consider ways they would value hearing from you. Is it a daily text reminder? Is it an email for them to read? How about a facebook message or post from your page? Whatever it is, pick one or two ways of communicating with them weekly, and stick to it.

Give them a clear pathway to follow, and offer an upsell

You hear about the upsell a lot in retails stores, but it can translate to all businesses. If you make an offer introducing your product or service, have a clear way for your customers to make the next move.

Remember to speak how you would like to be spoken to

The general golden rule applies here - treat others how you yourself would like to be treated. If you don’t like to be harassed with emails, don’t do that to your customer. If you value call backs, provide that to your customer. A large part of marketing for a new business is customer service; How else do referrals come.

Repeat the process

Some part of marketing a new business is trial and error. That means you have to try some stuff before you know what truly works for you. Be true to your style and remain connected to your authenticity, will find an honest way of interacting with your audience.

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