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Hey there Dreamer

That was a close one! Glad your dreams made it here safely. They say the 9-5 grind will wear you down. Steal your dreams, you know? Happens to millions of people every day. Exhibit A: your grumpy coworkers. But look, you’re different or you wouldn’t be here. Dreamers like you come here to discover their God-given purpose. They want to reinvent themselves, own a business (or many), and wake up to a life they love, every day.

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Nothing is Wrong with You

You're not broke, lazy or incapable

In fact, when you feel any of these things, you’re perfectly positioned for entrepreneurship

Grief over the many dreams you laid to rest just to make money at a 9-5

Bubbling over with ideas that you can’t seem to execute and earn from

Fearful of what you might lose on the journey to a new reality

Stuck even after the boss approved your promotion

Wondering if both money and happiness will ever thrive in your life at the same time

Lost when asked
“what’s next?” 

"You have the opportunity to be an entire universe in this world"

Shauna K.


  • You have an idea and aren’t quite sure where to begin
  • You started working on your big idea, lost momentum, stopped again
  • You shared your idea with the wrong people, got discouraged and quit
  • You try hard to stay positive, but self-doubt always seems to sneak back in
  • You know you need to build a brand, but aren’t quite sure what that means

"You Deserve to Live a Life You Absolutely Love"

The thing is, waking up to a life you love every day means accepting the status quo isn’t good enough for you (which is a good thing)

Then, you gotta get around people who understand your struggle and will show you how to break free.

Consume daily expert advice on how to bring your dreams to life.

And only then will you be able to build a life you feel proud to love. 

I Know That Because I Did This …

Back when I worked a 9-5, I thought joy and earning meant doing only what I thought I was good at. Or doing what family and friends said I should. I even built the career I had because of it! That version of me didn't know how to pursue my dreams. What I came to learn is that authentic dreams lead directly to purpose, and a life lived authentically on purpose is always worth living. So just like you’re doing now, I embraced entrepreneurship. Along the way, I recorded my lessons, story and winning tactics to help you skip the identity crisis and dive straight into success,


  • You disconnected from your authenticity a while ago, so you feel phony and maybe even a little lost (not your fault)
  • Motivational speakers get you, but they don’t guide you
  • Bills are a thing. So hiring a life coach or taking a business course is a no-go.
  • You journal like the biz gurus told you, but you also need help activating dreams
  • You need step-by-step solutions to get out of that dark place, but all the 5-Star solutionists are still booked


The Community is open and you belong inside!

We created The Community to help you build an authentic, marketable, and creative brand that you can be proud of. Access every brand development resource you'll ever need, all in one place 24/7

For just $27 a month

(seriously! that’s less than $1 a day)

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An abundance of digital business development trainings with one click of a button

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Powerful worksheets helping you think through key aspects of building your brand

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Around-The-Clock Coaching Resources for every kind of entrepreneur!

First dibs on the deals & discounts from some of your favorite biz-sphere brands

Spend a Month Inside the Community and get these results...

Zero-in on your ideal audience and earn big every time you reinvent your brand

Fill in the gaps that have you feeling lost, become the expert of your life and grow an exciting business

Annihilate excuses and press forward with your vision exactly the way you see it

Skip over the identity crisis and dive straight into success

One-Of-A-Kind Coaching At Your Fingertips 24/7

Regular 1:1 meetings with a business coach can cost you more than $325 per hour (and that’s on the low-end).

And don’t even think about searching affordable #SmallBusinessCoach on Instagram. Trust me, all the best ones are booked.

But hey, say by a stroke of luck you do snag an appointment. Reality is, no coach can meet with you every week. Not with your schedule. They have people on their waiting list so you can “get in line” or get with The Community.

With The Community, There’s No Wait and It’s Affordable

Group Coaching Sessions

$1200 Monthly

Business Development Training

$1886 Per Course

Hiring a Brand Development Agency

$3500 to Start

Access to in-depth coaching that helps you reinvent yourself, improve your mindset, and grow a booming business


Get that and more inside The Community for the low low price of $27 a month.

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See You Inside?


FAQ: For everything you say you are giving, this is WAY too cheap! What's the Catch?

I’m not crazy for letting you in at a rate this low. My purpose is to help at least 10,000 dreamers become doers and earners this year alone. Sharing this knowledge with you is my calling. So keeping it real, if I didn’t have to pay bills to keep The Community open, membership just might be free.

Here's the Disclaimer...

The knowledge inside of The Community will only help you if you’re ready to experience mind-blowing success

The Community helps dreamers to experience next-level success at a faster rate than the average person is ready for.

The guidance waiting for you inside only works if you’re ready to make misery, struggle, and lack things of the past

Ready to Activate Abundance?

I Say Better Late Than Never.

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Identify your ideal and customer at the core and reach them
(pssst. that’s how you sell more) 

Clarity, Guidance + Direction

Develop a powerful brand inside and out so you can proudly share it with the world

step-by-step process

Never get stuck on your own again. Here, you have a step-by-step process to help you make the right moves, at the right time.


Gain that confidence all your favorite entrepreneurs exude. Never question your brand again.

dream out loud

Start a business that aligns with your dreams and master the art of securing success

live happy

Find freedom in your schedule, your mind, and your life

What to Expect Once You Join

Seconds after you join The Community, you’ll receive a welcome email and roadmap helping you navigate the community (although you may not even need it)

Being a member of The Community is simple! Save money while building a life and brand that you love.

You don’t even have to worry about keeping your membership active. Once you join, your $27.99/mo is automatic.

Check back regularly to see the new resources that will help you build a solid brand and encourage you to dream even bigger.

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Made for Mavens is a community built to provide entrepreneurs with information, advice and resources to inspire them to DIY their branding. We believe in unconventional entrepreneurship, supporting you as you grow, showing entrepreneurs how they can brand their own businesses without enormous expense + lots of coffee. 

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